Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) – Loan Forgiveness

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Submit Forgiveness Applications Directly to SBA

Clearinghouse CDFI applications are now closed. Existing PPP Borrowers – you can now submit your forgiveness application direct to the SBA in less than 5 minutes!  See below for details. We have pre-staged your application for you.

Loan Forgiveness: Amounts LESS than $150,000

To submit your application, please visit and follow the instructions provided by SBA.

You will need your SBA PPP loan number and Tax ID to locate your loan in the system. If you do not have that, please email directly for assistance.

The SBA is offering live customer service. Please call them at 877-552-2692 if you need help with anything in the platform.

Once you have completed your online application, we will be notified and we will log into the platform and approve or deny your application. We will follow up with you directly once your loan has received forgiveness.

Loan Forgiveness: Amounts greater than $150,000

If eligible, you may fill out the 3508EZ Form. If you do not qualify to fill out the 3508EZ, please fill out the 3508 form.

Please send the fully executed forms and all supporting documentation to The instructions included in each of the forms will tell you what documentation is needed.

Alternately, if you wish to submit these documents via our customer portal, please email for instructions and to gain access.