Celebrating 20 Years of Impact

Clearinghouse CDFI

Douglas Bystry

Douglas J. Bystry

Clearinghouse CDFI

2016 Annual Report - Gary Dunn - letter head shot

Gary Dunn

Clearinghouse CDFI

Financial lending for projects with measurable impacts.

Twenty years ago, when Clearinghouse CDFI was just an idea, we could never have imagined what we would accomplish over the next two decades. When faced with challenges, we did not quit. We reminded ourselves instead that hard work, collaboration, and the dedication of people can make almost anything possible. Together, we achieve our goals to build healthy communities, provide innovative solutions, create financial strength, and fund dreams for tomorrow.

Building healthy communities

Building healthy communities requires hard work, patience, and the dedication of our staff and borrowers. Since inception, we have funded over $1.4 billion to 1,781 community projects. These projects have benefited over 600 separate underserved communities throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Native American Reservations.

Clearinghouse CDFI helps borrowers achieve success in low-income communities where credit is difficult to obtain. Together, we have cumulatively impacted over 1.5 million people and rehabilitated over 15 million square feet of blighted properties. Over 7,000 low-income residents now reside in safe and affordable homes, and over 16,000 individuals now hold permanent, living-wage jobs as a result of our lending.

Providing innovative solutions

Clearinghouse CDFI has always been innovative and creative. We were incorporated as a for-profit CDFI and were the first non-depository CDFI to borrow from the Federal Home Loan Bank System. We were also the first CDFI in the nation to receive an S&P rating, and the first non-native CDFI to commit significant resources to Indian Country credit needs. As we have grown over the last two decades, so too has our capacity to meet the various credit needs of our communities.

Clearinghouse CDFI has deployed $118 million through the Bond Guarantee Program and been awarded $538 million of NMTC Allocation for disadvantaged communities. By combining unique funding sources and working to thoroughly understand our borrower’s needs, we have developed a lending strategy that offers sustainable and impactful solutions.

Creating financial strength

Financial strength and self-sufficiency has always been a cornerstone of our corporate culture. Our lending is structured to ensure financial strength and growth for our borrowers as well.  Total lending volume for the year was a record high level, with $146 million in new loans originated.  2016 marked our 17th consecutive year of profitability.  For the 12th consecutive year we issued a dividend on our Class A shares. Our total asset size increased by 34% to approximately $364 million.

In 2016, new and existing shareholders invested an additional $4.8 million in new Class A equity shares, the most in any year of our existence. This investment grew Stockholder’s Equity by 14.5% – a remarkable achievement providing us with needed capital for our future growth. Our ability to raise new equity is a testament to our vision and a demonstration of shareholder trust in our financial strength and future growth.

Funding dreams for tomorrow

Our mission and vision have guided us unfailingly over the past 20 years. As we continue to provide innovative solutions and create financial strength for our borrowers, we remain proudly committed to building healthy, sustainable communities. Thanks to your invaluable partnership and support, along with the hard work and dedication of our staff, we have achieved far more than we could have ever imagined. Clearinghouse CDFI now has two decades of measurable impact to show for all of our efforts. Today, we proudly reflect upon our past 20 years of success, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of impactful lending.

2016 Featured Projects

McCurdy Charter School

Española, NM

First New Mexico Loan

$5.79 Million Loan

McCurdy Charter School provides quality, tuition-free education for children in the Española Valley. As New Mexico’s largest charter school with an enrollment of over 500 students, McCurdy Charter School consistently academically outperforms local public schools.

Clearinghouse CDFI provided a $5.79 million leverage loan to Charter School Development Corporation for McCurdy Charter School to construct an additional school building, and to renovate existing buildings to current standards.

The new and renovated buildings will allow McCurdy Charter School to expand enrollment. This project will create over 50 full-time jobs.

Link to Community Impact Story »

over 500 students

enrolled in New Mexico’s Largest Charter School, who consistently academically outperform local public schools


$5.79 million Loan

to construct an additional school building and to renovate existing buildings

Eclipse Cinemas

Las Vegas, NV

Commercial & Retail Space

$2.5 Million Loan | $8.3 Million of NMTC Allocation

Eclipse Cinemas is the development of vacant land into a one-stop, downtown entertainment complex. The vibrant commercial and retail space will attract an estimated 4,400 individuals weekly to help revitalize a severely distressed area in Las Vegas, NV.

Clearinghouse CDFI provided both Federal and State New Markets Tax Credit allocation, along with a $2.5 million subordinated loan for this $21.1 million new construction project. Development of the 72,000 sq. ft. facility created 200 construction jobs and 81 full-time jobs.

Eclipse Cinemas will work with community partners to provide on-the-job training for employees. Five percent of net profits from the cinema will be donated to local charities.

Link to Community Impact Story »

5% of Net profits

from cinema will be donated to local charities

$2.5 Million Loan

$8.3 Million

of NMTC Allocation

THAT Brewery

Pine, AZ • Cottonwood, AZ


Financing Partnership

THAT Brewery is an Arizona small business offering specialized, award winning craft beers throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Arizona MultiBank, a Division of Clearinghouse CDFI, partnered with the Arizona Commerce Authority to provide financing to THAT Brewery to establish a new, larger-scale production facility in the rural community of Cottonwood, AZ, and for preservation of their existing restaurant and brew pub in Pine, AZ.

THAT Brewery serves rural Arizona while embracing environmentally friendly efforts. These efforts include recycling used oil for biodiesel fuel and contributing a portion of revenue towards the conservation of an 800-mile trail linking deserts and mountains.

Link to Community Impact Story »

Clearinghouse CDFI Loans: Financing Partnership

A portion of revenue from ale beer will be donated toward preserving national scenic trails.

One World Beef

Brawley, CA


$5 Million Loan

One World Beef (OWB) is a meat packing and processing company focused on bringing transparency to the meat distribution industry. Concentrating on quality rather than speed, OWB employs sustainable meat distribution and processing practices.

Clearinghouse CDFI financed a $5 million loan for OWB to acquire and improve a previously shut down meat distribution facility, and implement updated sustainable processes. This includes an increase in food handling safety and traceability of the meat throughout the process.

The acquisition of the new facility will create 225 full-time jobs and 20 construction jobs in the severely distressed area of Brawley, CA.

Link to Community Impact Story »

Clearinghouse CDFI Loans: $5 Million Loan

New facility acquired, 225 full-time jobs created.


San Francisco, CA


Over $2.1 Million Loan

Landmark is a 100-year-old, historically registered building located in San Francisco, CA. Formerly serving as a church, the building had been left unoccupied and in poor condition for several years.

In 2016, Clearinghouse CDFI provided over $2.1 million in financing for the rehabilitation of the formerly dilapidated historic building into a flourishing community center. Originally built in 1913, the renovated space will feature a large scale office building, cafe, and a meeting hall.

Restoration of the new space includes preservation of current historical features, as well as updating of internal spaces. This project will generate 290 permanent, living wage jobs and 50 construction jobs.

Link to Community Impact Story »

Clearinghouse CDFI Loans: $2.1 Million Loan

290 living wage jobs created.

Looking Back: Then & Now

house icon

American Family Housing

Throughout Southern CA

American Family Housing before and after

First Loan Funded in: 1998

Financing: $976,000

Formerly known as Shelter for the Homeless, American Family Housing is a nonprofit organization that offers affordable housing services to support homeless and low-income families.

Including our very first loan in 1998, Clearinghouse CDFI has provided over $976,000 in financing to American Family Housing for the acquisition and rehabilitation of affordable housing in distressed communities throughout Southern California.

Today, American Family Housing operates over 250 housing units that provide safe, affordable homes for families and recently opened a new shelter, Potter’s Lane, in Midway City.

store icon

The Fox Theater Pomona

Pomona, CA

The Fox Theater Pomona frontage

Funded in: 2010

Financing: $9.05 Million of NMTC Allocation & Equity

The Fox Theater Pomona is a multi-purpose entertainment venue located at the center of downtown Pomona. Originally built in 1931, the theater was vacant for 10 years.

Clearinghouse CDFI provided over $9 million of NMTC allocation and equity for the acquisition and rehabilitation of this historic theater.

Today, the new Fox Theater Pomona is an Art Deco landmark and state-of-the-art entertainment venue with a concert hall, full-service restaurant, bar and lounge.

store icon

New Solutions

Riverside, CA

New Solutions team photo

Funded in: 1999

Financing: $1.1 Million

New Solutions began in 1995 as a small, two-person start up business. Operating out of a home garage, it entered the market as “the only wheelchair parts distributor owned and operated by the disabled.”

In 1999, Clearinghouse CDFI provided $1.1 million in financing to help New Solutions expand operations into their own building. They also began purchasing wheelchair parts in bulk with permanent working capital.

New Solutions has since grown to over a dozen employees. They currently serve over 1,000 customers annually, and recently celebrated their 25th year in business. Congratulations!

columns icon

Washoe Travel Plaza

Gardnerville, NV

Washoe Travel Plaze before and after

Funded in: 2015

Financing: $10 Million of Federal NMTC Allocation, $2 Million of NV State NMTC Allocation, & a $5.6 Million Loan

Washoe Travel Plaza was constructed on Native American reservation land in Nevada. Development of the plaza created 125 living-wage jobs for residents in this low-income, tribal community.

Clearinghouse CDFI provided key financial resources in 2015 for project construction, including: $10 million of Federal NMTC allocation, $2 million of Nevada State NMTC allocation, and a $5.6 million loan to the Washoe Tribe.

Now open, the new 6,000 sq. ft. Washoe Travel Plaza provides a critical and sustainable source of revenue for the Washoe Tribe.

house icon

Brilliant Corners

Throughout CA

Briliant Corners home

First Loan Funded in: 2008

Financing: $15.7 Million

Brilliant Corners is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable, community-based supportive housing for people with special needs.

Since 2008, Clearinghouse CDFI has financed multiple loans to help Brilliant Corner’s acquire and rehabilitate 26 single-family homes. These homes offer critical services and affordable rental housing for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Today, Brilliant Corners serves over 700 people, who have transitioned from homelessness or institutionalization toward independence.

columns icon

Market Creek Plaza

San Diego, CA

Market Creek Plaza


FINANCING: $15 Million of NMTC Allocation

Market Creek Plaza is a shopping/community center that was conceived, constructed, and owned in-part by local residents. Built on the site of a 20-acre abandoned factory, revitalization began in 1998.

In 2011, Clearinghouse CDFI provided $15 million of NMTC allocation to establish this thriving grocery market in a distressed area of San Diego.

Today, Market Creek Plaza is home to several locally owned businesses and restaurants. A diverse community focal point, it combines a myriad of cultural traditions, art, and entertainment with necessary products and services, and the pride of local ownership.

2016 Impacts

1.5 Million
Clients Served

Since Inception

7,200 Affordable Housing Units

Since Inception

1,781 Total Projects Funded

Across CA, NV, AZ, NM, and Sovereign Nations

16,000 Student Spaces

Created or Retained
Since Inception

9,000+ Construction Jobs

Created or Retained
Since Inception

$1.4 Billion Cumulative Lending

Since Inception

Over Half of All Loans to Organizations With Environmentally Sustainable Efforts

In 2016

480 Loans to Non-Profits Totaling $341 Million

Since Inception

$538 Million NMTC Allocation Awarded

Since Inception

6,000 Permanent Jobs

Since Inception

15 Million Square Feet

Developed or Preserved
Since Inception

2 Out Of 3 Loans Funded to Women or Minority Owned Organizations

In 2016

– Memorable Moments –

My favorite Clearinghouse CDFI moment was learning that we had successfully received a Wells Fargo NEXT Award in 2012. The excitement that surrounded our organization at the OFN annual conference was an amazing introduction to this industry.

– Brian Maddox

My favorite memory is jumping on a plane and bringing our board of directors to Las Vegas for the grand opening of our Nevada operation. We enjoyed a celebration with many local community partners and supporters, all excited to have Clearinghouse CDFI assist in bringing sustainability to their community. Did I mention this event was held in JULY? Can everyone say “HOT”!

– Susan Montoya

My favorite Clearinghouse CDFI moment was karaoke at my very first company holiday party in 2016…Clearinghouse got talent!

– Amy Maali

My favorite Clearinghouse CDFI memory was the End of Summer Beach Party last September. Connecting with my coworkers while playing beach games and eating food was great.

– Ricky Ha

I have many favorite Clearinghouse CDFI memories, but last year’s Annual Meeting really stands out. The 1920s theme, costumes, and the Pomona Fox Theater venue all combined to truly make it a fantastic day for Clearinghouse CDFI!

– Fathia Macauley

I’ll always remember the road trip up the 405 early in the morning with 2 other Affordable Housing Clearinghouse board members to determine if it made any sense for us to consider an application for CDFI status...

– Elsa Monte

One thoughtful coworker asked if I was okay one day. I told her I had a family member get into a rough accident, and she took the time to comfort me. Knowing I love seafood, she then surprised me with salmon and halibut fresh from her trip to the Northwest; her kindness will be forever etched in my memory of Clearinghouse CDFI.

– Avery Ebron

My favorite Clearinghouse CDFI memory is when we volunteered for South County Outreach. It was great to see everyone having fun while working together to organize the food pantry that feeds over 9,000 families.

– Mai Nguyen Ha

My favorite Clearinghouse CDFI memory is our 2016 holiday party. Watching everyone laughing, singing, and enjoying each other’s company was a blast. I feel so fortunate to be a part of it all!

– Alanna Smith

20 Years of Impact – A Timeline

Clearinghouse CDFI incorporates as a for-profit corporation

Certified CDFI Logo

Certified as a Community Development Financial Intitution by the U.S. Department of Treasury, CDFI Fund

Kids at Harbor City Boys & Girls Club

$400,000 funded to the Harbor City Boys & Girls Club

First coin investment from JP Morgan Chase

Clearinghouse CDFI Becomes Certified as a State CDFI Through COIN

First offering closed: $1 million equity, $10 million loan funds

icon of bills

First year of profitability -- three years ahead of schedule

Awarded CDFI Financial Performance Award

Awarded CDFI Financial Performance Award: Sponsored by Wachovia Bank

Clearinghouse CDFI receives Second CDFI Fund Core Award: $1.5 million

Awarded first New Markets Tax Credits allocation: $56 million

Market Creek

$15 million of NMTC allocation funded to Market Creek in San Diego, CA​

100 Million Cumulative Lending Graphic

Cumulative lending exceeds $100 million

icon dollar and hand

First dividend is issued to Clearinghouse CDFI shareholders

Total assets reach $62 million

Image of Affordable Housing

Impact Milestone: 2193 Affordable Housing Units Created

Image of First time home buyers

Funded $63 million for first-time homebuyers, assisting 213 families

Clearinghouse in Newsweek Magazine

Clearinghouse CDFI is featured in Newsweek Magazine for Success & ethic is single family lending

Looking at the construction of Fox Theater

$9.05 million of NMTC allocation and equity funded to the Fox Theater in Pomona, CA

Ribbon cutting ceremony of the Junior Achievement

Clearinghouse CDFI takes part in Junior Achievement’s ribbon cutting ceremony

100 Million Cumulative Lending Graphic

Cumulative lending exceeds $600 million

Student at desk

Impact Milestone: 7,400 student spaces created or retained


First Native American loan funded: Native American Natural Foods

Wells Fargo Next Awards Logo
Wells Fargo Next Awards Recipients

Clearinghouse CDFI Recieves $2 Million Wells Fargo NEXT Opportunity Award

$1 Billion Cumulative Lending Graphic

Cumulative Lending Reaches $1 Billion

icon of columns

Clearinghouse CDFI Receives $80 Million of NMTC Allocation and $8 million of Nevada State NMTC Authority

Boulder Hospital nurses

$5.4 Million Funded to Boulder City Hospital in Nevada

$100 Million Long-Term Bond Program Financing

1st Round CDFI Fund Bond Guarantee Program Participant: $100 Million

Service Area Expansion Map

Service Area Expansion: CA, NV, AZ, NM and Sovereign Nations in the Western U.S.

icon dollar and hand

$2.7 Million Class A Shares Issued

Bcorp Logo

Clearinghouse CDFI Receives B Corp Certification

Clearinghouse CDFI becomes the 1st CDFI to Obtain a Rating Rrom S&P Ratings: 'AA' Stable

2nd $100 Million Bond Closed Through the CDFI Fund Bond Guarantee Program

GIIRS Impact Rated Icon

Awarded PLATINUM & FIVE STAR Scoring in Global Impact Investing Rating System

Cumulative lending $1.4 Billion

Cumulative Lending Reaches $1.4 Billion

Looking Forward to the Next 20

Thank you to our partners, shareholders, staff, and friends who have been there with us for the past 20 years. Together, we have achieved more than we ever imagined possible.

We look forward to working together over the next 20 years to continue helping our communities thrive.

Partners & Staff

Our Team

headshot of Douglas J. Bystry
Douglas J. Bystry
President / CEO
headshot of Alan Orechwa
Alan Orechwa
Chief Financial Officer
headshot of Kristy Ollendorff
Kristy Ollendorff
Chief Credit Officer
headshot of Jay Harrison
Jay Harrison
Chief Investment Officer
headshot of Brian Maddox
Brian Maddox
Chief Production Officer / Director of NV Operations
headshot of Andrew Gordon
Andrew Gordon
Arizona Market President
headshot of Kathy Bonney
Kathy Bonney
Officer Manager / Executive Assistant to CEO & CIO
headshot of Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown
Portfolio Manager
headshot of Colin Wegener
Colin Wegener
Financial Reporting & Compliance Manager
headshot of Lundi Chea
Lundi Chea
NMTC Asset & Compliance Manager
headshot of Mai Nguyen Ha
Mai Nguyen Ha
Impact Manager
headshot of Avery Ebron
Avery Ebron
Community Impact Analyst
headshot of Amy Maali
Amy Maali
Commercial Loan Funder Manager
headshot of Guy Krikorian
Guy Krikorian
headshot of Alanna Smith
Alanna Smith
Director of Marketing
headshot of Michelle Taylor
Michelle Taylor
Loan Servicing Manager
headshot of Chris McMartin
Chris McMartin
Underwriting Manager
headshot of Amanda Virrey
Amanda Virrey
Commercial Underwriter
headshot of Randy Dixon
Randy Dixon
Senior Small Business Underwriter
headshot of Peter Ahjohn
Peter Ahjohn
Sr. Commercial Underwriter
headshot of Tyler Hagen
Tyler Hagen
Commercial Loan Specialist
headshot of Sabrina Sharif
Sabrina Sharif
Marketing Specialist
headshot of Natalie Tomasik
Natalie Tomasik
Marketing Assistant
headshot of Debra Kramer
Debra Kramer
Construction Loan Specialist Manager
headshot of Fathia Macauley
Fathia Macauley
Director of Business Development Nor. Cal.
headshot of Susan Beers
Susan Beers
Market Representative So. Cal / San Diego
headshot of Ricky Ha
Ricky Ha
NMTC Accountant
headshot of Lacey Dixon
Lacey Dixon
Loan Processor / Administrative Assistant
headshot of Julie Jongsma
Julie Jongsma
Senior Accountant
headshot of Roscelle Shands
Roscelle Shands
Loan Servicing Assistant Manager
headshot of Lauren Manalili
Lauren Manalili
Loan Servicing Specialist
headshot of Pearl Curbelo
Pearl Curbelo
Production Assistant NV
headshot of Cesar Plascencia
Cesar Plascencia
Office Coordinator
headshot of Cindy Farney
Cindy Farney
Administrative Assistant
Affordable Housing Clearinghouse (AHC)
Founding Community Partner
headshot of Brenda Rodriguez
Brenda Rodriguez
AHC Executive Director
headshot of Leonardo Carrillo
Leonardo Carrillo
AHC Housing Specialist
headshot of Janell Abarca
Janell Abarca
AHC Sr. Housing Counselor

Boards & Committees

Board of Directors

  • Gary Dunn Banc of California
  • Susan Montoya First Bank
  • David Levy Fair Housing Council of OC
  • Henry Walker Farmers & Merchants Bank
  • Pat Neal Neal Estate, Inc.
  • Ray Nayar AOF/ Pacific Affordable Housing
  • Glen Pacheco ProAmerica Bank
  • Alva Diaz Wells Fargo
  • Mark Rebal California Republic Bank
  • Jacky Alling Arizona Community Foundation
  • Jeff Talpas BBVA Compass
  • Carol Parry Fox Corporate Social Responsibility Corporation
  • Terrin Enssle Banc of California
  • Keith Thomas Royal Business Bank
  • Cloyd Phillips Community Services Agency Development Corporation
Member Highlight
Pat Neal
Neal Estate, Inc.

Partner since 2005

2016 Annual Report - Pat Neal

The areas that Clearinghouse CDFI goes into in producing commercial housing, multi-family housing, and childcare centers; those are all things that contribute to the health of a community and to the economy.

Loan Committee

  • Alan Orechwa Clearinghouse CDFI
  • Glen Pacheco ProAmerica Bank
  • Laura Green First Foundation Bank
  • Wesley Wolf Wolf & Company, Inc.
  • Waheed Karim US Bank
  • Gary Dunn Banc of California
  • Patricia Dixon Plaza Bank
  • Dino Browne Las Vegas Urban League
  • Melody Winter Head Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Member Highlight
Melody Winter Head
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Partner since 2002

2016 Annual Report - Melody Nava head shot

Clearinghouse CDFI continues to foster the same ‘homegrown’ feel it had from its early beginnings, despite being a major force in the field of community development finance. That’s why I stay plugged in!

New Markets Tax Credit Advisory Board

  • David Levy Fair Housing Council of OC
  • Mike McCraw R.M. McCraw & Associates
  • Raymond Turner Temple Missionary
    Baptist Church
  • Andrew Michael Partnership for Change
  • Karlene Hunter Native American
    Natural Foods
  • Tim Johnson City of Federal Way
  • Alan Woo Community Action Partnership of Orange County Retiree
  • Stanley Tom Valley Business Develoment Corporation
  • Delores Brown Community Development & Associates
Member Highlight
Alan Woo
Community Action Partnership of Orange County Retiree

Partner Since 2003

Alan Woo

I am amazed at the caliber of CDFI staff and their knowledge and their ability to bring economic vitality back to communities where prosperity is denied, access to credit is limited and where other financial institutions lack the confidence to invest.

Asset Review Committee

  • Glen Pacheco ProAmerica Bank
  • Mark Rebal California Republic Bank
  • Elsa Monte Pacific Western Bank
  • Terrin Enssle Banc of California
  • John Marder First Bank
  • Wilson Mach First General Bank
  • David Sharp Pacific Western Bank
  • Lorena Mendez-Quezada Wells Fargo
Member Highlight
Lorena Mendez-Quezada
Wells Fargo

Partner Since 2011


2016 Annual Report - Lorena Mendez Quezada head shot

As a member of the Asset Review Committee, it is an honor to be a steward for the capital that Clearinghouse CDFI brings to underserved communities.

Arizona Board of Advisors

  • Douglas J. Bystry Clearinghouse CDFI
  • Andrew W. Gordon Arizona MultiBank, a division of Clearinghouse CDFI
  • Tim R. Bruckner Alliance Bank of Arizona
  • Paul T. Hickman Arizona Bankers Association
  • Sandra Watson Arizona Commerce Authority
  • Mark Van Brunt National Council of La Raza
  • Craig K. Williams Snell & Wilmer LLP
  • Michael P. Lefever Wells Fargo Bank
  • Carol Parry Fox Corporate Social Responsibility Corporation
  • John V. Prince Highland Financial Consulting
  • David Castillo Native Capital Access
  • Jonathan Koppell ASU School of Public Service & Community Solutions
Member Highlight
Jonathan Koppell
ASU School of Public Service & Community Solutions

Partner Since 2014

2016 Annual Report - Jonathan Koppell head shot

I am pleased to serve on the Arizona Board of Advisors for Clearinghouse CDFI.  We are passionate about seeing our state benefit from expanded access to credit in underserved communities.

Asset Liability Management Committee

  • Terrin Enssle Banc of California
  • Susan Montoya First Bank
  • David Levy Fair Housing Council of OC
  • Craig Kardokus First Foundation
  • Steve Herman California Bank and Trust (Zions)
  • Michael Solomon Charles Schwab Bank
Member Highlight
Susan Montoya
First Bank

Partner Since 2006

2016 Annual Report - Susan Montoya

Our ALCO Committee members are a group of sharp and insightful individuals. We are always working together to serve the credit needs of our underserved communities

Arizona Investment Committee

  • Andrew W. Gordon Arizona MultiBank, a division of Clearinghouse CDFI
  • Alan Orechwa Clearinghouse CDFI
  • Tim R. Bruckner Alliance Bank of Arizona
  • Esperanza Martinez National Bank of Arizona
  • Edward Celaya Mutual of Omaha Bank
  • Cyndi Franke-Hudson Wells Fargo Bank
Member Highlight
Esperanza Martinez
National Bank of Arizona

Partner Since 2013

2016 Annual Report - Esperanza Martinez head shot

I am proud to have been involved with Arizona MultiBank for 20 years. Now, as a division of Clearinghouse CDFI, the combined resources will allow for greater impact in Arizona’s communities.

Native American Advisory Board

  • David Murray Native Capital Access
  • Gerald Sherman Bar K Management
  • Karlene Hunter Native American Natural Foods
  • Shawn Nelson Father Sky & Mother Earth Art
  • Chumahan Bowen Law Office of Chumahan Bowen
  • Bob Crothers Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation
Member Highlight
Gerald Sherman
Bar K Management

Partner Since 2016

2016 Annual Report - Gerald Sherman head shot

I am honored to be a member of the Native American Advisory Board for Clearinghouse CDFI and pleased to help provide appropriate financial services to Native and other underserved communities.

CREC Committee

  • Kristy Ollendorff Clearinghouse CDFI
  • Mark Rebal California Republic Bank
  • Michael Schrim Pacific Western Bank
  • Bryan Shaffer George Smith Partners
  • Mitchell Thompson Thompson Consulting
Member Highlight
Mark Rebal
California Republic Bank

Partner Since 2011

2016 Annual Report - Mark Rebal - head shot

It has been an honor to serve on the CREC Committee for Clearinghouse CDFI. I look forward to helping bring and provide more credit to underserved communities.


We are fortunate to have so many investors that there are too many to list here. Please follow the links to see our full lists of investors.

Highlights With Our Staff from the Last 20 Years


Bill Darling
In special memory of Bill Darling
Jim Davis
In special memory of Jim Davis
Chuck Prince
In special memory of Chuck Prince
Jerry Timpone
In special memory of Jerry Timpone

Financial Information

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  • 2016 Annual Report - Selected Financial Highlights Chart
  • 2016 Annual Report - Class A Shares Issued Chart

Core Lending Volume


Lending is highly personal to the staff of Clearinghouse CDFI. We know that our work is changing lives and transforming communities otherwise largely absent of investment. Each loan request is reviewed by our team of professionals who work tirelessly to structure every loan for success.

As we have expanded into new territories over the past year, we find an even greater demand for Clearinghouse CDFI lending. Thanks to the continued support of our community partners and institutional investors, Clearinghouse CDFI continues to successfully meet this demand head on.

The accelerated growth of Clearinghouse CDFI in the last two years has propelled us to new heights that we only dreamed of achieving 20 years ago. Our increase in capital raising has allowed for more aggressive funding targets and market expansion. We remain true to our roots of funding unserved markets and constantly push for innovative products that are not found elsewhere in the market. I look forward to seeing where the next 20 years leads us.

– Kristy Ollendorff, Chief Credit Officer

Mini Q&A

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