Requirements & Fees

Clearinghouse CDFI finances projects that improve communities through measurable benefits. We work closely with every borrower to ensure the success of each project.

How to Apply

  • 1Contact Us
  • 2Project Discussion
  • 3Application
  • 4Loan Underwriting
  • 5Final Review
  • 6Loan Closing and Funding
  • 7Post-Closing

Loan Rates & Terms

  • Long Term FIXED Rates from 6.5% up to 25 Years
  • Short Term (up to 24 months) interest only loans
  • Loan to Value (LTV)LTV is the loan amount divided by property value – Up to 80%
  • Download the Rates & Terms Sheet: 2019 Rates and Terms.

Loan Fees

  • Applications, Processing, Flood, & Tax
  • Nonprofits: $800
  • For-profits: $1,200
  • Due at Loan Funding
    • Origination Fee: 1.5%-2%
    • Loan Document Fee: Individually Assessed
    • 3rd Party Vendor Dependent: Appraisal, Title, Escrow, Legal, and Environmental Fees (if applicable)

Cost of appraisal, application fee, other third party reports and preliminary legal work will be requested after an initial review of the project and the receipt of quotes for the scope of work. All costs will be reasonable and can be estimated further upon request.

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