Staff Directory

Clearinghouse CDFI Executive Team:

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Douglas J. Bystry President / CEO 800-445-2142
Alan Orechwa Chief Financial Officer 800-445-2142
Kristy Ollendorff Director of Commercial Lending / Chief Commercial Credit Officer 949-525-4964
Jay Harrison Chief Investment Officer (CIO) 949-528-3069
Brian L. Maddox Chief Production Officer 702-522-2283
Andrew W. Gordon Arizona Market President 602-412-1166

Clearinghouse CDFI Staff:

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Kathy Bonney Office Manager / Executive Assistant to the CEO & CIO 949-525-4980
Melissa Brown Portfolio Manager 949-525-4960
Fathia Macauley Director of Business Development – N. CA Region 510-557-5077
Susie Beers Market Representative - So. Cal. / San Diego 949-525-4990
Alanna Smith Director of Marketing 949-528-3287
Michelle Taylor Loan Servicing Manager 949-528-3356
Colin Wegener Financial Reporting & Compliance Manager 949-528-3288
Lundi Chea NMTC Asset & Compliance Manager 949-525-4982
Mai Nguyen Ha Impact Manager 949-334-2826
Chris McMartin Sr. Commercial Underwriter 949-525-4976
Amanda Virrey Jr. Commercial Underwriter 949-334-2746
Randy Dixon Sr. Small Business Underwriter 602-412-1163
Peter Ahjohn Sr. Commercial Underwriter 949-334-2748
Sabrina Sharif Strategic Marketing & Analytics Specialist 949-334-2825
Natalie Tomasik Marketing Assistant 949-528-3068
Avery Ebron Community Impact Analyst 949-528-3066
Debra Kramer Construction Loan Specialist Manager 949-599-4372
Ricky Ha NMTC Accountant 949-334-2828
Cesar Plascencia Office Coordinator 949-528-3355
Guy Krikorian Controller 949-525-4060
Julie Jongsma Senior Accountant 949-528-3353
Viridiana Serrano Staff Accountant; 949-334-2744
Roscelle Shands Loan Servicing Assistant Manager 949-334-2747
Lauren Manalili Loan Servicing Specialist 949-334-2810
Tyler Hagen Commercial Loan Specialist 949-334-2742
Lacey Dixon Loan Processor / Administrative Assistant 602-412-1164
Pearl Curbelo Production Assistant NV 702-522-2284
Amy Maali Commercial Loan Funding Manager 949-522-2826
Mary Figlioli Commercial Loan Funder 949-334-2820
Cindy Farney Administrative Assistant 949-525-4975