Letter to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders and Friends:


Healthy, vibrant communities create happy people. We strive to build healthy communities where people work, live, grow, thrive, and dream. Sometimes, however, people and communities need help to flourish. Clearinghouse CDFI provides financing that creates assets and opportunities where they are most needed, but not available from traditional sources.

Our record year of lending—$128 million—has impacted over 300,000 individuals, 66 businesses and nonprofit organizations, and provided over 1,000 low-income residents with safe and affordable homes. Our borrowers rehabilitated 1.8 million square feet of blight and created almost 1,800 construction and permanent jobs.

2015 marks our sixteenth consecutive year of profitability with net income of $2.9 million. Our record lending increased our loan portfolio by 48% to $204 million. Our transaction with Arizona MultiBank, in combination with the issuance of 27,800 Class A shares to existing and new investors, grew Stockholders’ Equity by 40%, a remarkable achievement that provides capital for our future growth. For the 11th consecutive year, we declared a dividend on our Class A shares.

Since inception, Clearinghouse CDFI has served some of the lowest-income families in some of the most disadvantaged communities. We serve all of California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico, as well as Indian Country in the western United States. Our goal is to build deeper relationships with our borrowers and partners within the communities we serve. We will continue to build our new Arizona division—Arizona MultiBank—and find ways to have more impact in Indian Country through our newly established Native American Advisory Board.

Impact and profit are the cornerstones that define us. As a CDFI and certified B Corp, we embrace the challenge to finance projects that fuel economic growth and financial opportunity.  We strive to maximize impact while managing risk through careful underwriting and by providing technical assistance. We continually assess the needs of our communities and innovate to provide financial solutions. We look forward to helping more people work, live, dream, grow, and thrive in healthy communities. All of this is possible because of the support of our shareholders and the many strong partnerships we have developed over the years.

Thank you for sharing this ongoing commitment with us.