Letter to Shareholders

Dear Shareholders and Friends:

Twenty years ago, when Clearinghouse CDFI was just an idea, we could never have imagined what we would accomplish over the next two decades. When faced with challenges, we did not quit. We reminded ourselves instead that hard work, collaboration, and the dedication of people can make almost anything possible. Together, we achieve our goals to build healthy communities, provide innovative solutions, create financial strength, and fund dreams for tomorrow.


Building healthy communities requires hard work, patience, and the dedication of our staff and borrowers. Since inception, we have funded over $1.5 billion to 1,781 community projects. These projects have benefited over 600 separate underserved communities throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and Native American Reservations.
Clearinghouse CDFI helps borrowers achieve success in low-income communities where credit is difficult to obtain. Together, we have cumulatively impacted over 1.4 million people and rehabilitated over 15 million square feet of blighted properties. Over 7,000 low-income
residents now reside in safe and affordable homes, and over 16,000 individuals now hold permanent, living-wage jobs as a result of our lending.


Clearinghouse CDFI has always been innovative and creative. We were incorporated as a for-profit CDFI and were the first non-depository CDFI to borrow from the Federal Home Loan Bank System. We were also the first CDFI in the nation to receive an S&P rating, and the first non-native CDFI to commit significant resources to Indian Country credit needs. As we have grown over the last two decades, so too has our capacity to meet the various credit needs of our communities.
Clearinghouse CDFI has deployed $118 million through the Bond Guarantee Program and been awarded $538 million of NMTC Allocation for disadvantaged communities. By combining unique funding sources and working to thoroughly understand our borrower’s needs, we have developed a lending strategy that offers sustainable and impactful solutions.


Financial strength and self-sufficiency has always been a cornerstone of our corporate culture. Our lending is structured to ensure financial strength and growth for our borrowers as well. Total lending volume for the year was a record high level, with $146 million in new loans originated. 2016 marked our 17th consecutive year of profitability. For the 12th consecutive year we issued a dividend on our Class A shares. Our total asset size increased by 34% to approximately $364 million.

In 2016, new and existing shareholders invested an additional $4.8 million in new Class A equity shares, the most in any year of our existence. This investment grew Stockholder’s Equity by 14.5% – a remarkable achievement providing us with needed capital for our future growth. Our ability to raise new equity is a testament to our vision and a demonstration of shareholder trust in our financial strength and future growth.


Our mission and vision have guided us unfailingly over the past 20 years. As we continue to provide innovative solutions and create financial strength for our borrowers, we remain proudly committed to building healthy, sustainable communities. Thanks to your invaluable partnership and support, along with the hard work and dedication of our staff, we have achieved far more than we could have ever imagined. Clearinghouse CDFI now has two decades of measurable impact to show for all of our efforts. Today, we proudly reflect upon our past 20 years of success, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of impactful lending.

Improving our communities is an ongoing endeavor that requires the hands of many. Thank you to all of our amazing staff, executive team, and board and committee members dedicated to helping people thrive.

Doug Bystry

Douglas J. Bystry
President / CEO

Gary Dunn

Gary Dunn
Chairman of the Board