About Us

Financing for our communities. Profits for our investors.


Clearinghouse CDFI is a Certified CDFIWe believe that creditworthy borrowers whose projects create assets in the community deserve to be considered for financing. We’re here to finance these projects when a borrower’s unique circumstances don’t fit the criteria for traditional lenders.

We analyze every loan application individually with consideration for its potential impact and return. All of our loans provide measurable community benefit.

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B Corp Certification

Certified B CorpClearinghouse CDFI is proud to be a Certified B Corp
. B Corps are socially and environmentally sustainable companies that have been certified by the nonprofit B Lab as meeting high levels of performance, accountability, and transparency. Our Commitment to “B the Change” is natural as a mission based CDFI. As a B Corp, we aim to transcend traditional notions of business success: maximizing profits and maximizing returns to people and the planet.
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