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    $2.75 MIllion of Federal NMTCs to Develop Health Care Center in Severely Distressed Community

El Rio Health Care Center – Tucson, AZ

El Rio Health is a non-profit health organization providing comprehensive, quality healthcare for a predominately low-income, minority population. El Rio provides culturally competent care by recognizing socioeconomic impacts that create barriers to quality healthcare, physically traveling to those who cannot visit the clinic in person and conversing with patients in their preferred language. Since 1970, El Rio has become one of the largest, most highly regarded integrated health centers in the country.

Clearinghouse CDFI provided $2.75 million of Federal New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs) for development of an additional El Rio Central Health Care Center in Tucson, AZ. Clearinghouse partnered with Urban Research Park who provided $9 million in federal allocation. The NMTC investor was Wells Fargo Bank.

The new El Rio Central Health Care Center is projected to serve 13,914 patients annually and create 91 direct permanent jobs mainly consisting of low-income and minority groups.

Download the PDF: Just Funded – El Rio Health Care Center

Financing Provided:
$2.75 Million of Federal NMTCs
Tucson, AZ
This project will:
- Create a New Community Health Center
- Expand services by 13,914 patients annually
- Create 91 new direct permanent jobs for low-income and minority groups
Development of a new community health care center providing healthcare to low-income, minority population
Year Funded:
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