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    $5.47 MM for Acquisition and Lease of Educational Institution for Employment Opportunities for Low-Income Students

Ohio Technical College – Cleveland, OH

Clearinghouse CDFI (CCDFI) is demonstrating a commitment to fostering educational opportunities with a $5,475,000 loan for Cleveland Portfolio Fund, LLC. This financing enables Cleveland Portfolio Fund to acquire a commercial property that serves as a vibrant educational hub for Ohio Technical College (OTC).

Cleveland Portfolio Fund is acquiring an industrial warehouse facility that serves as a dynamic educational space for OTC. Financing provided by CCDFI supports the purchase of this commercial property which Cleveland Portfolio Fund intends to lease back to the college. The acquisition and subsequent lease of the property effectively alleviates some of OTC’s debt obligations, paving the way for greater financial freedom.

Ohio Technical College is a private for-profit accredited technical college. Specializing in a wide range of programs including automotive repair, diesel repair, collision repair, restoration, and welding, OTC offers students industry-specific, hands-on training alongside comprehensive classroom education. OTC also offers financial aid assistance and career placement assistance services ensuring that students are prepared for highly rewarding and in-demand careers.

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Financing Provided:
Cleveland, OH
Provides education and employment training opportunities for low-income students
Acquisition and lease of educational institution for employment opportunities for lower-income population
Year Funded:
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