B Committee

As a community lender, we already use business as a force for good. As a B Corp, we are inspired to constantly strive to be better—better for our communities, our staff, our borrowers, and the environment.

To reinforce these efforts, we created the B Committee — comprised of Clearinghouse CDFI employees at all levels. The B Team ensures that our B Corp values remain strong, while also engaging and empowering our employees to help “B the Change”.

Meet the 2021 Clearinghouse CDFI B Committee:

Mai Ha

Mai Ha

Two bucket list items: Travel…somewhere…anywhere; Live/work overseas

Fave weekend activity: Snuggling with my two munchkins and hubby in the morning

Two social issues: Child hunger; Modern day slavery

Drive / Motivation: My family and my faith

Fave thing about CCDFI? Flexibility and understanding of working/life balance

Fave book(s) / movie(s): Pride and Prejudice

Heroes: Every single person who fights to break barriers

Work Style: Integrator

Night in or out: I have no choice…night in! =)

Morning Bird or Night Owl: Night owl

Kristy Ollendorff

Kristy Ollendorff

Two bucket list items: Visit every country in Europe by 55; Retire by 60

Fave weekend activity: Schlep kids to soccer and swimming or hit the gym

Two social issues: Empowering girls and women; tolerance

Drive / Motivation: Making a difference: at home & at work!

Fave thing about CCDFI: We embrace new ideas and empower staff.

Fave book(s) / movie(s): World War II human interest books or movies

Heroes: Michele Obama

Work Style: Integrator

Night in or out: Night In All the Way!

Morning Bird or Night Owl: Morning Bird: Chirp, chirp.

Natasa Radosavljevic

Natasa Radosavljevic

Two bucket list items: Speak another language; Convert my garage into a foster home for kittens

Fave weekend activity: Playing soccer

Two social issues: Environmental Issues; Women Equality

Drive / Motivation: My family and challenging myself to do better each day

Fave thing about CCDFI? Being able to work with like-minded individuals with the same goal to help others

Fave book(s) / movie(s): All the Marvel Movies & Star Wars!

Heroes: My mom and dad

Work Style: Pioneer

Night in or out: Night OUT, Are You Kidding?

Morning Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl: Hooooooooot


Amanda Virrey

Amanda Virrey

Two bucket list items: Vacation in Bora Bora; Learn to play an instrument

Fave weekend activity: Spending time with my family and Shiloh!

Two social issues: Gender Equality; Renewable Energy

Drive / Motivation: Doing my part to make this world a better place for Nieces to grow up in

Fave thing about CCDFI: The impactful projects & our creative team

Fave book(s) / movie(s): Falling Up by Shel Silverstein; Jumanji

Heroes: My Dad – he’s always there to motivate, challenge and inspire me!

Work Style: Guardian

Night in or out: Night OUT, Are You Kidding?

Morning Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl: Hooooooooot

Alanna Smith

Alanna Smith

Two bucket list items: Speak fluent Spanish; Travel Europe extensively

Fave weekend activity: Sleeping in and brunch with the hubs

Two social issues: Cystinosis Awareness/Research; Equal Opportunity for Women/Girls

Drive / Motivation: Love, passion, a zest for my career, peace in my heart

Fave thing about CCDFI? Our mission truly helps people and it’s good for the soul

Fave book(s) / movie(s): The Bronze Horseman, The Sweet Gum Tree, The Book Thief, Night

Heroes: Strong women with strong morals and fierce determination

Work Style: Driver

Night in or out: Night In All the Way!

Morning Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl: Hooooooooot

Lawrence Chavez

Lawrence Chavez

Two bucket list items: Learn to play the piano; Watch a baseball game in all 30 MLB stadiums

Fave weekend activity: Hiking

Two social issues: Affordable Housing; Financial Literacy

Drive / Motivation: Continuous improvement in both my personal and professional life

Fave thing about CCDFI? Strong alignment of personal values & CCDFI company values

Fave book(s) / movie(s): Mindset by Carol Dweck (book); The Shawshank Redemption (movie)

Heroes: I have always admired Steve Jobs’ entrepreneur skills and vision.

Work Style: Guardian

Night in or out: Night In All the Way!

Morning Bird or Night Owl: Morning Bird: Chirp, chirp.

Gabriella Brusseau

Gabriella Brusseau

Two bucket list items: Become fluent in Russian; Meet Vin Diesel

Fave weekend activity: Working Out

Two social issues: Poverty; Violence Against Women

Drive / Motivation: Jesus

Fave thing about CCDFI? The staff

Fave book(s) / movie(s): The Bible, 1000 Words to expand your Vocabulary (books); Fast n Furious Saga, Aquaman, Superman (movies)

Heroes: Ronald Reagan, Lou Engle, Candice Owens

Work Style: Guardian

Night in or out: Night OUT, Are You Kidding?

Morning Bird or Night Owl: Night Owl: Hooooooooot

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson

Two bucket list items: Start a non-profit organization; Travel the world

Fave weekend activity: Hanging out at the beach

Two social issues: Gender Equality; Access to Health Care; the Climate Crisis

Drive / Motivation: Increasing efficiency; Making a difference in the world

Fave thing about CCDFI? Our Mission; The Staff

Fave book(s) / movie(s): Rich Dad Poor Dad, any Disney movie

Heroes: The Obamas, Suzy Batiz

Work Style: Integrator

Night in or out: Night in!

Morning Bird or Night Owl: Neither!