Community / NMTC Advisory Board


Delores Brown - NMTC Advisory BoardDelores Brown
Chair – Clearinghouse CDFI Community / NMTC Advisory Board
Community / NMTC Advisory Board Member Since 2003

CEDC, Inc.

Ms. Brown has over 37 years of experience in the private and nonprofit sectors of banking/financial administration, community and economic fund development, financing, project management, and planning for housing/childcare/youth facilities. As President of CEDC, Ms. Brown partners with Clearinghouse CDFI to identify qualified Opportunity Zone (OZ) real estate projects in need of Fund management, as well as additional project financing. A former banker, Ms. Brown also serves as the President of The Institute for Maximum Human Potential, and sits on multiple community boards and committees.

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Dave Levy - NMTC Advisory BoardDavid Levy
Community / NMTC Advisory Board Member Since 2003

Fair Housing Council of Orange County – Retiree


Mr. Levy has over 20 years experience in promoting affordable and accessible housing opportunity. He is also a founding Board Member and liaison with AHC and the NMTC Advisory Boards.

Alan WooAlan Woo
Community / NMTC Advisory Board Member Since 2003

Santa Ana Unidos

Mr. Woo has over 35 years of demonstrated executive management administering nonprofits, board development, strategic planning, community organization, fundraising, budgeting, program / business development. This also includes working with leaders from diverse sectors to develop excellent viable organizations to solve community problems. Mr. Woo currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Colorado College, along with several other community boards and committees.

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Andrew Michael - NMTC Advisory BoardAndrew Michael
Community / NMTC Advisory Board Member Since 2005

Partnerships for Change

As Director of Partnerships for Change, Mr. Michael is dedicated to sustainable development through direct humanitarian action and the transformation of social and economic conditions in underserved communities. Both local and international scale, this work includes multiple statewide initiatives to increase the trade of skills, business, and services, as well as the expansion of environmental resilience & sustainable development, female education and empowerment, and community health.

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Christopher FrancisChristopher Francis
Community / NMTC Advisory Board Member Since 2019

CF Architecture Inc.

Mr. Francis has over 40 years of professional experience in a diverse field of project types, including educational, institutional, commercial/retail, residential, and worship facilities. Mr. Francis is an expert in the master planning, architectural design, and conducting teams both locally and nationally. Through design, Mr. Francis’ projects serve as critical community tools that help build and rebuild lives. Mr. Francis also regularly travels to Africa and Asia as a servant/leader in outreach and discipleship missions.

Gerald Sherman - NMTC Advisory BoardGerald Sherman
Community / NMTC Advisory Board Member Since 2017

Bar K Management Company

Mr. Sherman has over 10 years of experience in community development and commercial lending, program development, community organizing, and bank management. A member of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Tribe, Mr. Sherman’s focus is on Indian Reservations, with years of work in developing Indian Reservation economies.

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Martina Guilfoil - NMTC Advisory BoardMartina Guilfoil
Community / NMTC Advisory Board Member Since 2020

Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise

As President and CEO of Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, Ms. Guilfoil provides inspirational leadership for community development. Ms. Guilfoil’s vision, combined with 30 years of experience, has generated a measurable impact on organizational growth, public awareness, and community improvements.

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Stanley Tom - NMTC Advisory BoardStanley Tom
Community / NMTC Advisory Board Member Since 2005

Valley Small Business Development Corp.

As Vice President at Valley Small Business Development Corp., Mr. Tom develops new programs and relationships with governmental agencies and nonprofit groups. This includes securing operating grants for new programs and acquisition of additional sources of capital for direct loan programs. Mr. Tom was also a small business owner for 14 years, and currently serves on numerous community boards and committees.

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Tim Johnson - NMTC Advisory BoardTim Johnson
Community / NMTC Advisory Board Member Since 2005

City of Federal Way

As Director of Economic Development for the City of Federal Way, Mr. Johnson leads the city’s efforts to recruit new businesses and retain existing ones, while catalyzing downtown development. Mr. Johnson has worked in economic development for over 30 years in senior and executive management positions in both public and private sectors.

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