Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes Employee Relations Specialist, Analisa Wells

Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes New Staff

CCDFI Welcomes Employee Relations Specialist, Analisa Wells

CCDFI Welcomes Employee Relations Specialist, Analisa Wells:

Analisa is a results-driven team player specializing in talent acquisition, retention, motivation, and streamlining solutions that help a company harness its full power of potential through its greatest assets—its people. Her diverse professional background includes construction, residential mortgage, and aerospace. Outside of the HR realm, Analisa is also a Pilates Instructor, where she thrives helping all ages reach their goals of a healthier and stronger lifestyle.

Analisa recently joined the Clearinghouse CDFI team as Employee Relations Specialist under the guidance of Kathy Bonney, Chief Administration Officer. She implements all HR functions, including onboarding management for new hires, processing payroll, and working directly with ADP and EZLabor. Analisa’s role is also key in the launch of several internal recognition programs which celebrate staff and recognize their milestone achievements.

Reach out to Analisa directly: or call (949) 528-3353.

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Welcome, Analisa Wells, CCDFI Employee Relations Specialist