Interning with Clearinghouse CDFI – a Q&A with Isobel Tweedt

Isobel Tweedt - Clearinghouse CDFI 2016 Intern

Q: Please share one fun fact about yourself.
A: I have danced on stage at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Q: What did your typical work day entail?
A: Typically my day at Clearinghouse CDFI started with checking emails and working on the nCino project. The remainder of my time was spent on special projects and sitting in on meetings and conferences.

Q: What was your favorite experience?
A: My favorite experience was working on the OWB Packers Case Study.

Q: What were the other strong points of your intern experience?
A: My internship was fantastic, and I especially loved the diversity of the projects I got to work on. I learned about case studies, Excel, drafting legislation, conducting board meetings, etc. Also everyone was extremely nice and I really felt appreciated as more than an intern. I never felt out of place and was completely comfortable asking questions and learning from Clearinghouse employees. All and all the internship program was very well run and I learned so much from my experience.

Q: What was the most challenging aspect of your internship and why?
A: The most challenging aspect of my internship was figuring out how to start a project. Sure, battling the copy machine and figuring out Excel came with their own obstacles, but it was most difficult to develop a plan for how to begin projects like the California Legislature and OWB Packers Case Study. Luckily, whenever I had questions there were always people to help me get back on track without making me feel stupid or holding my hand throughout the entire process.

Q: How can we create an even better experience for the next interns?
A: Overall I loved my experience at Clearinghouse CDFI, but sometimes I needed more to do. I just like being busy.

Q: In your own words, please explain what being an intern this summer meant to you.
A: This experience was one of my first independent projects at Clearinghouse CDFI and is the first time I really felt trusted at the office. Not only was it interesting to learn about Clearinghouse CDFI’s mission through one of its specific projects, but I also enjoyed the writing and research components of the study. Plus we are learning about case studies this year in school so the personal experience is helpful!Isobel quote

Q: What are your plans for the next couple of years?
A: In the next two years I plan to finish up high school and start my freshman year of college. I do not know where I’ll end up quite yet, as I am still in the application process, but I am really excited to explore college and the real world.

Q: What advice would you give the next Clearinghouse CDFI interns?
A: To the future students who are selected to intern with Clearinghouse CDFI my advice is this: always stay busy, always say yes, and always ask questions. You are at there to learn, so you might as well embrace every hour you can, whether it is with an employee, a spreadsheet, or a fire breathing copy machine.

Q: Do you have any final words to share with Clearinghouse CDFI staff?
A: Thank you so much for treating me like an adult and teaching me so much about the importance of a good work environment. There are a lot of mornings that I wake up and wish I could come back to work!