Brilliant Corners – Brentwood, CA

Brilliant Corners is a California nonprofit organization creating supportive housing solutions for low-income, developmentally disabled, and other at-risk individuals. By combining affordability with specialized support services, Brilliant Corners fosters safe, home-like living environments that allow residents to achieve long-term stability while living with autonomy and dignity.

Clearinghouse CDFI provided $820,000 in financing for Brilliant Corners to acquire a single-family house in Brentwood, CA to be operated as a community crisis home for children. Rehabilitation funds will be provided through the Regional Center of the East Bay.

The renovated home will include 24-hour, non-medical care for four developmentally disabled children with excessive behavioral impairments. Extra staffing and supervision will be provided, as well as certified security measures to ensure resident safety.

Download the PDF: Just Funded by CCDFI – Brilliant Corners – Brentwood, CA

Financing Provided:
$820,000 Loan
Brentwood, CA
24-hour, non-medical care in a home-like environment for 4 developmentally disabled children
Acquisition of a single-family home for renovation into a crisis home for children
Year Funded:
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