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    $1.2 MM in Financing Creates Service-Enriched Living Environments for Developmentally Disabled Adults

Brilliant Corners – Northern California

Clearinghouse CDFI (CCDFI) provided 3 separate loans totaling $1,216,650 to Brilliant Corners, furthering their mission of providing service-enriched living environments for developmentally disabled adults. The loans enable Brilliant Corners to acquire and rehabilitate 2 single-family residences in Fresno and one in Modesto, transforming them into enhanced behavioral support homes.

By addressing the critical need for supportive housing, these projects fill a significant gap in Northern California. The enhanced behavioral support homes will offer round-the-clock non-medical care and assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities. Financing provided by CCDFI empowers Brilliant Corners to create secure and nurturing spaces by implementing additional staff, secured perimeters, and delayed egress devices, ensuring the safety and well-being of residents. The CCDFI loans cover the essential property modifications needed to cater to the specific needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Brilliant Corners is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating supportive housing solutions for low-income, developmentally disabled individuals. Their mission is to create dignified and stable living environments, enabling individuals to achieve long-term stability and autonomy.

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Financing Provided:
Fresno, CA
Provides 12 low-income developmentally disabled adults with service-enriched living environments
Acquisition and rehabilitation of 3 single-family residences that will be operated as an enhanced behavioral support homes
Year Funded:
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