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    $10 Million of Federal NMTCs and $2.9 Million of Nevada State NMTCs to Construct New Healthcare Campus

Elko Community Health Center

Elko Community Health Center is a state-of-the-art healthcare campus undergoing development by Community Health Development Partners (CHDP) in rural Elko, Nevada. Facilities will include an ambulatory surgery center offering a broad range of specialty and general care, as well as a medical office building for pre- and post-operation consultations, health and wellness programs, and medical imaging.

Clearinghouse CDFI contributed $10 million of Federal NMTCs and $2.9 million of Nevada State NMTCs for development of the Elko Community Health Center. The Federal NMTC investor was U.S. Bank and the state NMTC investor was Stonehenge Capital.

The new healthcare campus is expected to open in fall 2021 and will revitalize vacant retail space. CHDP is partnering with local physicians to expand the availability of quality, affordable healthcare in the area. Specialty medical services are expected to include: cardiology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and orthopedics. This project will create 37 permanent, full-time jobs and 47 construction jobs.

Download the PDF: Just Funded by CCDFI – Elko Community Health Center

"Communities benefit when they have increased access to quality, affordable healthcare. We are thrilled to provide the people of Elko with a new, conveniently-located op=on for their care."
- Jarreb Portz, Principal at Community Health Development Partners
Financing Provided:
$10 Million of Federal NMTCs & $2.9 Million of Nevada State NMTCs
Elko, NV
- Expands availability of quality, affordable healthcare in a rural area
- Creates jobs: 37 permanent, full-time jobs & 47 construction jobs
Construction of a new healthcare campus in rural Elko, Nevada
Year Funded:
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