Meet CCDFI’s 2022 ‘B’ BOLD(ER) Interns!

Please Welcome CCDFI’s 2022 ‘B’ BOLD(ER) College Interns: Abigail Verdugo, Amayrani Tlatelpa, & Fernanda Ortiz


What is the ‘B’ BOLD(ER) Internship Program?

This summer, Clearinghouse CDFI (CCDFI) brings on three (3) college students as our 2022 ‘B’ BOLD(ER) interns.  Each student comes from a limited income household in selected communities. This 8-week program is a paid opportunity where each intern will gain real life job experience in a professional setting. Upon successful completion of the internship program and proof of current college enrollment, the intern will also receive a $2,500 scholarship.

'B' BOLD(ER) Internship Program - Clearinghouse CDFI

‘B’ BOLD: Building Bridges through Outreach Leadership Development Engagement Recruitment

We are excited to introduce Abigail Verdugo, Amayrani Tlatelpa, & Fernanda Ortiz as our 2022 ‘B’ BOLD(ER) College interns. Read their full interviews below to get to know them!

Meet ‘B’ BOLD(ER) College Intern: Abigail Verdugo


Abigail studies Social Work at Northern Arizona University. Her energetic personality and captivating motivation allow her to take on any challenge head-on. She can be described as curious, empathetic, self-motivated, and honest.

Abigail is a dynamic student passionate about food and Culinary Arts. She also loves to hike. When she’s not exploring the world or cooking up something delicious, you can find her singing karaoke every day!

As a first generation college student, Abigail found college to be a bit challenging at first. Using her resourcefulness, she was able to seek out mentors who helped guide her and answer her questions. She learned the importance of building relationships with those around her and embraced the experience of stepping into something new!

Abigail looks up to both her father, who is one of the most selfless and hardworking individuals she knows, and her mother, who she calls “the glue” in her family, pushing each of them to be their best.

Abigail learned of the ‘B’ BOLD(ER) program through her Earn to Learn Scholarship. She decided to apply when she realized that CCDFI’s mission aligned with her own values and passion: that all individuals and communities deserve to live a fulfilling life! When asked how she felt about being selected as one of 3 ‘B’ BOLD(ER) interns, Abigail said, “Getting to work with a variety of individuals who work to improve others’ quality of life means the world to me.”

“I look forward to learning from everyone at Clearinghouse CDFI. I am interested in learning what it means to be a successful community development financial institution. I can’t wait to learn all about that business model – from financing to marketing and more!”


Meet ‘B’ BOLD(ER) College Intern: Amayrani Tlatelpa


Amayrani is a sophomore at UCLA studying Pre-Education & Social Transformation and Business. She hopes to one day own a Nonprofit Organization. A resident of Huntington Beach, CA, Amayrani grew up with a passion for running, cooking, and photography. She has also been knitting since second grade!

Amayrani considers herself determined and understanding with a flair for time management. Her greatest challenge has been her experience as a first generation college student. The responsibility and pressure of holding that title has been overwhelming for her, but mentors like Stephanie, from Stepping UP, and Carolina from her former high school, have been major pillars in her success. They have always been available to offer her advice and validate her feelings. With her mentors by her side, she has become more confident than ever in her future!

Amayrani’s hero is her mother — a woman of strength and perseverance. Although she has overcome multiple hardships and worked full time, she still manages to provide for Amayrani and her siblings. Amayrani sees her mother as a hero because she never gives up. She considers her mother her “safe place,” and is grateful for her support and sacrifice.

Amayrani learned about the ‘B’ BOLD(ER) Internship Program at CCDFI  through OCCHC SteppingUP. In hopes that she would gain experience and network with some likeminded professionals, Amayrani decided to take a chance and apply! When asked about how she felt about being selected as a ‘B’ BOLD(ER) intern, she said “It means that I am one closer to fulfilling my dreams & goals.” She also stated that she hopes to create long-lasting relationships with everyone she works with at CCDFI.

“Being chosen for this opportunity is a great honor. It has motivated me to continue putting100% effort into everything I do.”


Meet ‘B’ BOLD(ER) College Intern: Fernanda Ortiz


Fernanda is another resident of Huntington Beach, CA and current sophomore at UC Santa Cruz. She is focusing on Environmental Studies and hopes to one day assist in conservation work for our ocean or other endangered ecosystems – either from a field work or policy-creation perspective, both of which interest her.

Fernanda is very outgoing and active. In her spare time you can find her surfing, going to the gym, or playing the bass or electric guitar. She even spent 13 years playing soccer!  Her friends would tell you that Fernanda is a hard-working, flexible team-player who usually see the glass as half-full.

Fernanda faced one major challenge her first year of college: imposter syndrome. She struggled to realize she belonged at UCSC because everyone was “smarter” or more qualified than her. Soon after accepting that this is a common phenomenon for new students, she started asking for help from the TAs and advisors who helped her work through and strategize how to be successful at school.

As a college student, Fernanda knew she wanted an internship that would allow her to learn and develop skills in an interesting field of work. When she heard about the internship program at CCDFI in partnership with OCCHC SteppingUp, she jumped at the chance to pursue her interests. She is drawn to the Impact Department because of its focus on community development and sustainability, but also looked forward to gaining experience in all areas of financial services. With the guidance of a mentor and the hands-on experience at CCDFI, Fernanda hopes to broaden her education while making valuable contributions as part of the team.


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