Meet Kevin Maciel: 2023 Summer ‘B’ BOLD Intern

Meet Kevin Maciel: 2023 Summer ‘B’ BOLD Intern

Prepare to be inspired by Kevin Maciel, one of our talented interns joining us for the 2023 Summer ‘B’ BOLD program.

Hailing from Huntington Beach, CA, Kevin brings a unique set of skills and a determined mindset that make him an exceptional addition to the Clearinghouse CDFI team.

Kevin’s passion for numbers and problem-solving shines through his favorite subject: Math. In his free time, Kevin finds joy in repairing electronics, a hobby that showcases his technical prowess and attention to detail. When he’s not immersed in the world of equations and electronics, Kevin enjoys video games and cherishes quality time with his family. Kevin looks up to his mother as a role model, drawing inspiration from her strength and guidance throughout his journey.

Kevin has faced and conquered challenges along the way. One notable hurdle was obtaining a better grade in a Ceramics class. Despite having a seventh-period class, Kevin dedicated extra time after school, staying for more than eight hours to turn a C into an A. This determination and work ethic are the pillars of his success.

Kevin aspires to attend the University of California – Berkeley and has dreams of working at Microsoft. His ‘B’ BOLD internship is a stepping stone toward achieving his career goals. Kevin recognizes the importance of acquiring skills that will benefit him in the future and is excited about the opportunity to learn and grow within a professional setting.

Being selected for this internship holds profound meaning for Kevin. With gratitude, he embraces the opportunity to gain valuable experience close to home, knowing that such opportunities are not always readily available. During his internship, Kevin hopes to develop transferable skills that will set him up for success in future endeavors. With a keen interest in the entire financial realm, he looks forward to diving deep into various aspects of the field, expanding his knowledge and understanding.