Meet Omar Sosa-Garcia: 2023 Summer ‘B’ BOLD(ER) Intern

Omar Sosa-Garcia: 2023 Summer ‘B’ BOLD(ER) Intern

From soaring ambitions to an unyielding determination, meet Omar Sosa-Garcia, the aerospace dreamer ready to defy the boundaries of gravity as our ‘B’ BOLD(ER) intern!

Currently a junior majoring in aerospace engineering at California State University – Long Beach, Omar brings to Clearinghouse CDFI a unique blend of ambition and determination.

With a passion for football and 7 years of experience on the field, Omar demonstrates determination and teamwork in everything he does. Beyond sports, he enjoys playing video games, reading financial books, and staying active through workouts and hikes.

Motivated, strong-willed, and unbreakably determined, Omar possesses a set of strengths that propels him forward. His high motivation and unwavering willpower serve as powerful driving forces in his pursuit of personal and professional goals. Though reserved by nature, Omar’s quiet determination fuels his passion for success.

One of the challenges Omar has faced was the deportation of his father when he was in fourth grade. Witnessing his mother’s distress was a heartbreaking experience for him. However, Omar chose to channel his pain into his education. School became his safe haven, where he found solace and focused on his personal growth. Through education and expanding his knowledge, Omar found healing and strength.

Omar’s dream job as an astronaut aligns with his passion for aerospace engineering. The internship serves as a stepping stone toward realizing this dream. Being selected for the ‘B’ BOLD(ER) internship holds deep meaning for Omar. He feels honored and blessed to be part of this incredible opportunity. For him, it signifies a chance to grow as an individual and contribute to something greater than himself.

During his internship, Omar aims to gain a deeper understanding of how the banking system works beyond its role of safeguarding money. His curiosity drives him to uncover the intricacies of the financial world and expand his knowledge in this domain.