Meet Robin Tittelbaugh: 2023 Summer ‘B’ BOLD(ER) Intern

Meet Robin Tittelbaugh: 2023 Summer ‘B’ BOLD(ER) Intern

Prepare to be enchanted by the artistic spirit and unwavering determination of Robin Tittelbaugh, one of our talented ‘B’ BOLD(ER) interns. Robin brings a unique blend of creativity, adaptability, and a passion for landscape architecture to our internship program.

A sophomore at the University of Arizona, majoring in Landscape Architecture, Robin’s academic pursuits reflect her deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. This appreciation is demonstrated in her love of photography. With her camera in hand, Robin immortalizes memories, creating a visual tapestry to treasure for years to come.

Robin finds inspiration in her mother, who serves as a guiding light in her life. Her mother’s unwavering support, kindness, and strength inspire Robin to navigate her own path with resilience and determination. One of the challenges Robin faced was realizing that she wasn’t happy after moving to Minnesota for college. However, through hard work and determination, she took the necessary steps to transfer to the University of Arizona, securing a major in Landscape Architecture and a place in their Honors college. Her ability to recognize her own happiness and make the necessary changes showcases her resilience and dedication to crafting a fulfilling college experience.

Robin aspires to become a Landscape Architect. The ‘B’ BOLD(ER) internship program provides her with an opportunity to gain practical experience and expand her knowledge in the realm of banking. Her innate curiosity and love for learning make this internship an ideal platform for personal and professional growth.

Being selected for the ‘B’ BOLD(ER) internship holds immense meaning for Robin. It not only provides her with the opportunity to work towards her college funds, but also equips her with the knowledge and skills to shape her financial future.

During her internship, Robin hopes to acquire valuable insights on setting herself up for a bright future. She aims to develop skills and knowledge that will transcend various aspects of life, providing a solid foundation for her personal and professional endeavors. The areas of community engagement and marketing hold a particular allure for Robin. The opportunity to connect with the community and utilize her artistic talents in conveying meaningful messages resonates deeply with her.