Meet Natalia Trejo: 2023 Summer ‘B’ BOLD(ER) Intern

Meet Natalia Trejo: 2023 Summer 'B' BOLD(ER) Intern

With roots in the vibrant city of Garden Grove, CA, Natalia Trejo brings an extraordinary mix of determination, leadership skills, and a profound passion for business to the ‘B’ BOLD(ER) internship program.

As a senior at Chapman University, majoring in Sociology and Business Administration, Natalia’s academic pursuits reflect her commitment to understanding the dynamics of society and the intricacies of the business world.

Natalia’s journey is filled with surprises, as she was a boxer for 8 years! Outside of the ring, she finds solace in yoga, crafting playlists, and honing her boxing skills. These diverse hobbies showcase her ability to find balance and derive joy from various aspects of life. Natalia considers herself a natural leader with a strong character and a problem-solving mindset, helping her excel in guiding others and offering valuable solutions.

Natalia draws inspiration from her father’s remarkable journey in coming to the United States as a teenager. From working at car washes and fast food to successfully opening and running two businesses, he instilled in Natalia the values of hard work, smart work, and fast work. His story fuels her drive to strive for greatness and make a lasting impact on her chosen path.

Natalia’s dream job is to become the owner of her own car dealership. Her passion for entrepreneurship drives her ambition to create her own path and make a mark in the industry. The ‘B’ BOLD(ER) internship program provides her with a platform to expand her knowledge, network with professionals, and gain invaluable insights into different facets of the business world.

During her internship, Natalia hopes to enhance her interpersonal skills, deepen her understanding of the housing industry, and position herself as a competitive candidate as she enters her final year of college and prepares to embark on her professional journey.

Natalia is excited to gain insight from the Marketing Department as well as the day-to-day operations at Clearinghouse CDFI. With a passion for making an impact in business, she seeks the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and apply her leadership skills in this program.