Clearinghouse CDFI Sponsors Monarch’s Catalina Science Camp

Clearinghouse Community Development Financial Institution (Clearinghouse CDFI) facilitated a $50,000 contribution to Monarch School in San Diego, a portion of which sent its 8th grade class on a three-day science camp at the Catalina Island Marine Institute (CIMI).

“Since our students are homeless, their families don’t have the resources to provide them with adventurous, educational experiences that many of their peers enjoy. Trips to an island, boat rides, snorkeling, kayaking and hiking are out of their reach while they’re living in shelters and focusing on day-to-day survival,” said Stacy Marshall of Monarch School. “This science camp offers not only these enriching activities, but also a hands-on science field experience that enhances their education.”



“I really enjoyed taking risks and trying something new. I came back with memories and a good experience. I did stuff I never imagined doing, like snorkeling and kayaking. Thank you!”

-Zulema, Monarch student



“Thank you for helping us get to Catalina Island. We really appreciate it because not too many students get to experience an amazing trip like this. One of the activities that we did that I really enjoyed was kayaking. I got to see all sorts of fish since the water was clear. I also got to learn a bit of astronomy when we had a campfire at night. I really enjoyed this great trip. Thank you.”

 -Luis, Monarch student

The remainder of the $50,000 contribution by Clearinghouse CDFI and its partners will support of the work of Monarch School to fund programs providing off-campus learning opportunities, college preparation and campus site visits, family assistance and parent training workshops. The trip to Catalina Island is the first of many student activities planned.

“This educational experience for Monarch students lays the foundation for a brighter future, filled with opportunity,” said Doug Bystry, President and CEO of Clearinghouse CDFI. “We’re proud to support these students.”

Generous donors included: CapitalSource, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Wawanesa Insurance, First Bank, Opus Bank, and Clearinghouse CDFI.

Clearinghouse CDFI is a mission-based financial institution serving California and Nevada; Monarch School serves homeless children grades K-12 in San Diego County.

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