Now Underway: Redevelopment of Landmark Renoir Hotel

Built in 1909, the landmark Renoir Hotel is located in a severely blighted area of downtown San Francisco.

Upon completion, the renovated 64,000 sq. ft. building will create 198 jobs and encourage local economic growth. Featuring 135 rooms, the newly modernized hotel facility will offer community classes, space for community use, and implement energy conservation and waste reduction measures.

San Francisco Renoir Hotel to Undergo $19.5 Million Redevelopment

This $19.5 Million New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Project in San Francisco will Transform the Landmark Renoir Hotel

This project was made possible through financing by Clearinghouse CDFI, US Bancorp CDC, KOR Realty Group, and San Francisco Community Investment Fund.

Renoir Hotel Redevelopment Project