Robert Johnson Scholarship – Clearinghouse CDFI Matching Grant

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The Robert Johnson Scholarship is awarded to college-bound clients and children of clients served by the following Orange County affordable housing nonprofit organizations:

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Orange County Community Housing Corporation (OCCHC)

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Affordable Housing Clearinghouse (AHC)

About Robert Johnson:

Robert (Bob) Johnson was a pioneer who strongly advocated for the provision of affordable housing for low-income families in Orange County, CA. In 1967, the Fair Housing Council of Orange County and Orange County Community Housing Corporation (OCCHC) were founded thanks to Bob’s passion and dedication. Bob then hired Allen Baldwin, who served as Executive Director of OCCHC for 37 years, providing 226 low-income families with affordable housing and essential human services.

The Robert Johnson Scholarship was created in honor of Bob’s talent and commitment to affordable housing and families in need. We proudly share his vision for improving lives.

Clearinghouse CDFI was thrilled to provide a $500 matching grant for each organization to award deserving students with textbook scholarships!

Here are the the outstanding winners and their stories:

Robert Johnson Scholarship Recipient: Yolanda Chavez - by OCCHC

Robert Johnson Scholarship Recipient: Yolanda Chavez – by OCCHC

A couple of years ago, Yolanda Chavez and her family were split apart when they lost their home. Soon after, Yolanda fell into a deep depression. While searching for a place where their family could be reunited, Yolanda’s father found Orange County Community Housing Corporation (OCCHC).

OCCHC provided a home for Yolanda’s family of six—an enormous emotional and financial relief the family. For Yolanda, the reunion has helped her overcome her depression and pursue a bright future at Golden West College, where she plans to achieve her dream of earning a Masters Degree. Yolanda will be the first in her family to obtain a post-secondary education.

I can never thank OCCHC enough for giving my family the chance to start all over. I am beyond grateful that I get to attend school full-time and have a home to come back to after a long day.

Robert Johnson Scholarship Recipient - Miguel Zamudio - OCCHC

Robert Johnson Scholarship Recipient: Miguel Zamudio – by OCCHC

Miguel Zamudio is proud to say that Orange County Community Housing Corporation (OCCHC) has provided his family with an amazing home for 12 years. Before OCCHC, his family of five lived in a single bedroom. Now, Miguel’s family enjoys privacy, safety, and financial stability in their own home.

Miguel is also thankful for the College Awareness Program (CAP) at OCCHC/SteppingUP, which guided and motivated him to obtain a higher education. Miguel is now an accomplished young man attending Cal State University, Fullerton. He will become the first of his family to graduate from from a post-secondary institution in Spring 2018. Miguel hopes to one day be an English teacher for disadvantaged high school students.

I am completely grateful for all the OCCHC staff that continues to assist families like mine. I am thankful for all that OCCHC and SteppingUP have done for me and my family.

On behalf of AHC, OCCHC, and Clearinghouse CDFI—congratulations to both Yolanda and Miguel on winning the Robert Johnson Scholarship! We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!