2019 ‘B’ BOLD Intern Exit Survey – Marvin Luna

Marvin Luna - 2019 B BOLD Intern

Clearinghouse CDFI’s 2019 ‘B’ BOLD Internship Award Program is officially a wrap! Here’s what Marvin had to say as he reflected on his experience this summer:


Q: What did your typical work day at Clearinghouse CDFI entail?

Marvin: A typical work day at Clearinghouse would entail coming in everyday to do different tasks Violeta would introduce us to and completing them whenever we finished.

Q: Discuss the strong points of your internship experience.

Marvin: Some strong points of my internship experience would include having informational interviews and having the Excel/college workshop.

Q: If you had any aspect of your internship to do over, what changes would you make?

Marvin: I would possibly try to understand more of the business lingo, however, with the help of some of the staff here, I had a good idea of most things. I would possibly give easier articles to future interns for them to understand more of what is being said.

Q: What was the most challenging aspect of your internship and why?

Marvin: The most challenging aspect of my internship was managing my time effectively, which then has improved throughout my time here.

Q: What was your favorite experience?

Marvin: My favorite part of the internship was meeting all the staff members here at Clearinghouse and possibly getting to know what they do in their departments.

Q: In your own words, explain what this experience meant to you.

Marvin: Being an intern here at Clearinghouse helped me open up a new perspective in the world by participating in all the different activities Violeta provided us throughout the entire experience.

Q: What are your plans for the next two years?

Marvin: My plans for the next two years are to prepare for college by studying for the SAT/AP Exams and researching possible universities for the future.

Q: What would you say to the next student(s) selected to intern with Clearinghouse CDFI?

Marvin: For the future Clearinghouse CDFI interns, never be afraid to ask for help and to always keep a positive attitude. Also, never be afraid to open up to new people, making connections is key for every new experience.

Q: Do you have any final words to share with Clearinghouse CDFI staff?

Marvin: Thank you for your time and everything else you have provided both Rose and I this summer. We have greatly appreciated everything that we have done here at Clearinghouse CDFI.

Thank you to 2019 awardees, Marvin Luna and Rose Minsky, for your time with us. We wish you both the best in all of your future endeavors!


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