Get to Know 2019 ‘B’ BOLD Intern Awardee – Marvin Luna

Marvin Luna - 2019 B BOLD Intern

Name: Marvin
Grade: 11th
Favorite Subject: English

Q: You mentioned you love nature and hiking, especially in Yosemite. Tell us about your last trip there and your favorite parts of the trip? 

Marvin: My last trip to Yosemite was kind of hectic. We went without any plans and just went with the flow. When we arrived to Yosemite, we had some difficulty finding an open campsite, and we ended up not finding one. Fortunately, we did get to enjoy the marvelous scenery of Yosemite Valley and the Half Dome. 


Q: When did you start playing the flute? Where do you play? What is most difficult about it? You mentioned you love Dvorak. Who are your other favorite composers and why?

Marvin: I started playing the flute around 3 years ago, I originally wanted to play the alto saxophone, however, that was not an option, so I decided to play the flute. The most difficult part in playing the flute is actually getting started with the different techniques one needs to use in order to actually get a note out of the instrument.

Dvorak is one of my favorite composers, my sister and I always perform our favorite piece of his called “American Quartet.” Other composers that I enjoy include Mozart and Tchaikovsky because of their amazing pieces of music.


Q: You said you love meeting new people & learning the environment. What’s your favorite part about meeting people? How do you get comfortable in a new environment?

Marvin: Meeting new people in a new environment helps me become comfortable in that specific environment because then I know people from there. My favorite part about meeting new people is that I build relationships, and with these relationships I get to know more about the world.


Q: You mentioned you’re outgoing and love working with others to achieve greatness. What has been your most memorable experience? What did you learn from it?

Marvin: As the president of a club at my high school, I get to work with others in order to plan events. All of the events that I have planned are my most memorable experiences. I love talking to my club members and getting to know them through these volunteering events.


Q: Your look up to your mother—her hard work, determination, and caring attitude. What traits do you strive to embody and why? How do you work to achieve them?

Marvin: My mother always strives to make my siblings and I the best possible people we can be. I have learned that determination is key to get things done in life since it acts as a driving force. I strive to embody her caring attitude because everyone in the world needs to be treated fairly in order to work together to get things done.


Q: You said economic hardships did not stop you from becoming who you are today. Elaborate a bit more about “who you are today”. How do you see yourself? Give some adjectives that describe you?

Marvin: Personally, I see myself as a hardworking and determined. Without these traits I would not become who I am today, which is a student, a brother, a president, and a vice president to my community.


Q: You’re aiming for Stanford University. What do you want to study? How are you preparing now, as a Junior in high school?

Marvin: In order to prepare for college, I am currently studying for the SAT in order to get a good score for college. Also, studying and doing my homework for my advanced classes will greatly help me in achieving good grades in order to go where I want to go in life. I personally would like to follow a path towards Environmental Policy in a university, however, I am always open to new experiences that may change my perspective in the future.


Q: Your dream job is to become a politician to represent and give back to your community. How do you see yourself involved? What issues interest you?

Marvin: I see myself involved in local offices. However, if there is any other opportunity that I am interested in, I would most certainly catch that opportunity. Some issues that I am interested in include the economy of our communities and the environment.


Q: You mentioned you applied to the ‘B’ BOLD Internship because of the program’s community impact. Why is community impact so important to you?

Marvin: As a president of a Rotary International Club, our motto is “Service Above Self”. I tied that in with what Clearinghouse CDFI does, which is to assist communities through business. This ties with what I believe in because my community has done great things for me in my times of need.


Q: What has your experience been like so far as a ‘B’ BOLD intern? Is it what you expected? What are your favorite and least favorite aspects?

Marvin: My experience so far as a B’BOLD Intern has been life changing. I have broadened my knowledge on departments here at Clearinghouse and in business as well. I did not expect to learn as much as I have so far in the weeks I have been here at Clearinghouse. My favorite aspect in being a B’BOLD intern is meeting everyone every day and helping anyone in any possible way.

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