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Arizona MultiBank, A Division of Clearinghouse CDFI

Clearinghouse CDFI expanded operations into Arizona in 2015 through a unique transaction with Arizona MultiBank Community Development Corporation. We are committed to continuing the work and mission of Arizona MultiBank as a division of Clearinghouse CDFI. Read the full announcement here.

Arizona MultiBank is a premiere community development loan fund based in Phoenix and serving all of Arizona. Since its incorporation in 1990, as an initiative of the Arizona Bankers Association, Arizona MultiBank has provided over $55 million to support and advance small businesses, affordable housing projects, nonprofit organizations and economic development. The projects totaled over $200 million in development costs.

As a division of Clearinghouse CDFI, Arizona MultiBank’s increased capacity now helps deliver an even wider range of loan products and significantly larger loans with longer terms throughout the state of Arizona.

Check out some of the recent projects recently financed in Arizona:

Walt's Hardware - Holbrook, AZ
Walt’s Hardware
Holbrook, AZ

Clearinghouse CDFI provided $686,250 in financing for Walt’s Hardware to increase store inventory and boost business operations. Read more »

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