Welcome, Michelle Alvarez, CCDFI Staff Accountant

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Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes Michelle Alvarez, Staff Accountant

Clearinghouse CDFI is pleased to introduce new Staff Accountant, Michelle Alvarez. A resident of Southern California for 7 years, Michelle finds joy in both yoga and outdoor hiking. She indulges in hobbies like crafting, cooking for family picnics, and staying active at the gym. With nine years of accounting experience, Michelle is dedicated to delivering excellence in all endeavors.

In her role at Clearinghouse CDFI, Michelle orchestrates meticulous financial record maintenance. This encompasses duties like journal entries, account reconciliations, vendor management, and overseeing core lending origination and disbursement. Her genuine commitment to financial accuracy and enthusiasm for continuous learning allows her to expertly handle finance analysis and reconciliation. As Staff Accountant, Michelle’s dynamic approach promises to infuse efficiency and precision into Clearinghouse CDFI’s financial landscape, ensuring every step is undertaken with utmost accuracy.

CCDFI Welcomes, Michelle Alvarez, Staff Accountant
Reach out to Michelle directly: michellea@ccdfi.com or call (949) 540-7355.
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CCDFI Welcomes Michelle Alvarez, Staff Accountant