Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes Constantine Roqui, Loan Specialist II

Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes New Staff

CCDFI Welcomes New Loan Specialist II, Constantine Roqui

Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes Constantine Roqui:

Constantine recently joined the Clearinghouse CDFI team with an extensive background in Consumer Finance. He is a Cal State Northridge graduate—Go Matadors! Constantine is open minded and firmly believes that action always trumps intent. He loves to travel and build new friendships. These principles lead his dedication, commitment, and passion for what matters.

Under the vision and guidance of Michelle and Justin in Loan Servicing, Constantine assisted the transition of the department’s document county recording process from paper to digital, resulting in improved processing time, document monitoring, and custody accountability. Constantine is pleased to be part of the Clearinghouse CDFI team and looks forward to making more meaningful contributions to the company while absorbing pertinent knowledge of the industry.

Reach out to Constantine directly: or call (949) 334-2744.

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Download the PDF: Welcome Constantine Roqui, CCDFI Loan Specialist II