Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes NMTC Impact Analyst, Karyna Tafel

Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes New Staff

CCDFI Welcomes New NMTC Impact Analyst, Karyna Tafel

Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes Karyna Tafel:

Karyna is a committed International Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with a proven track record of transforming complex methods and findings into insights to deliver high-quality evaluations to improve current performance, methodologies, and processes using credible qualitative and quantitative data. Her expertise is driven by experience designing and conducting research, program evaluations, impact assessments, and capacity development at local, national, and global levels.

Karyna recently joined the Clearinghouse CDFI team as NMTC Impact Analyst. Under the guidance of Mai Ha, Director of Impact, Karyna helps improve Clearinghouse CDFI’s overall impact in the communities we serve. She is responsible for facilitating NMTC borrower surveys, as well as conducting annual borrower case studies and data analyzation/articulation.  Karyna also tracks NMTC borrower/project metrics and analyzes the data to determine community outcomes.

Reach out to Karyna directly: or call (949) 525-4990.

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Download the PDF: Welcome, Karyna Tafel, NMTC Impact Analyst