Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes Sr. Processor, Peter Lee

Welcome to CCDFI - Peter Lee

CCDFI Welcomes Sr. Processor, Peter Lee

CCDFI Welcomes Sr. Processor, Peter Lee:

Peter is a commercial loan processing specialist with over 20 years of experience managing the communications, due diligence, documentation, and loan closing functions. His background ranges from property secured term loans, to business lines of credit, to bridge loans. Peter has worked for several prominent banks, including Union Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and City National Bank. Peter strives to create a positive loan process for all parties by developing an understanding and solid rapport with Relationship Managers and Borrowers. Peter’s mantra is, “a happy customer is a repeat customer.”

Peter recently joined Clearinghouse CDFI as Senior Commercial Loan Processor under the guidance of Kristy Ollendorff, Chief Credit Officer. He serves as point person in the loan process after inception by the Business Development Officers and prior to loan closing. Peter facilitates both internal and external communications throughout the process, collecting and tracking due diligence items to achieve final handoff to the loan closing team.

Reach out to Peter directly: or call (949) 334-2826.

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Welcome, Peter Lee, CCDFI Sr. Processor