CCDFI Welcomes Sr. Underwriter Jeffrey Binder

Welcome to CCDFI - Jeffrey Binder

CCDFI Welcomes Sr. Underwriter, Jeffrey Binder

CCDFI Welcomes Sr. Underwriter, Jeffrey Binder:

Jeffrey is a commercial finance industry expert with 28 years of experience. He has held key positions with several financial institutions as an underwriter for commercial loans, equipment financing, agricultural loans, inventory financing, and portfolio securitizations. Jeffrey is a recognition award recipient from Six Sigma projects for implementation of scoring models and loan rating systems. In his free time, Jeffrey enjoys kayaking and using his construction experience to help build homes with Habitat for Humanity.

Jeffrey recently joined Clearinghouse CDFI as Senior Underwriter. He is responsible for reviewing new loan requests, including financial statement evaluation and market and credit analysis to determine borrower and project feasibility. Jeffrey prepares summaries for CCDFI Loan Committee review, presenting facts and recommendations based on risk factors and measurable community impacts. Jeffrey also fosters relationships with lead generators, matching CCDFI’s services with borrowers’ needs to determine the project viability.

Reach out to Jeffrey directly: or call (949) 540-7365.

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Welcome, Jeffrey Binder, CCDFI Sr. Underwriter