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    $8MM of Federal NMTCs Expands and Renovates Clinical Buildings to Increase Access to Affordable Healthcare for Low-Income Residents

Ampla Health – Yuba City, CA

Clearinghouse CDFI (CCDFI) provided $8MM in NMTC allocation to Ampla Health. This financing helps increase access to quality, affordable healthcare for low-income residents.

Ampla Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Yuba City, California, is expanding and renovating its 16-acre medical campus to better serve low-income and uninsured residents. Financing provided by CCDFI adds an additional 41,700 sq ft to three existing buildings on their 16-acre campus and an additional 15,000 sq ft renovation of an existing clinical space that will provide a full range of primary and specialty healthcare services. This expansion will offer more comprehensive care options, create new jobs, and include additions to three buildings like a two-story clinic and new entry points. The revamped space will feature various exam rooms, administration areas, a pharmacy, and a laboratory.

Clearinghouse CDFI’s $8,000,000 loan broadens healthcare access for an estimated 16,800 unique patients in Yuba City. Beyond healthcare, it promises economic revitalization, generating 94 construction and 81 clinical jobs, including 24 dedicated roles for low-income residents, fortifying community growth alongside enhanced healthcare.

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Financing Provided:
Yuba City, CA
Expands healthcare for an estimated 16,800 unique patients and creates 94 direct construction jobs as well as 81 new clinical jobs including 24 full-time equivalent jobs created for low-income residents
Expands and renovates buildings to increase access to affordable healthcare for low-income residents
Year Funded:
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