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    $468,000 Loan Creates Affordable Homes with Supportive Services for Four Low-Income, Developmentally Disabled Children

Brilliant Corners – Sacramento, CA

Brilliant Corners is a nonprofit organization that creates supportive housing solutions for those in need. By partnering with government, healthcare, developers, landlords, and other service providers, Brilliant Corners empowers low-income, developmentally disabled, and other special needs individuals to achieve well-being through stable living environments.

Clearinghouse CDFI provided a $468,000 loan for Brilliant Corners to acquire and transform a single-family home in Sacramento, CA into an enhanced behavioral support facility.

The newly modified home will provide a safe and service-enrichedBrilliant Corners - Logo 2021 environment serving four low-income children with developmental disabilities and severe behavioral issues. 24-hour, non-medical support will be provided, along with special security measures to ensure the safety of all residents.

Download the PDF: Just Funded – Brilliant Corners – Sacramento

Financing Provided:
468,000 Loan
Sacramento, CA
Establishes 24-hour, non-medical care for low-income children developmental disabilities and behavioral impairments
Acquire and modify a single-family home into an affordable Enhanced Behavioral Support facility
Year Funded:
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