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    $1.3M in Financing to Preserve Multi-Family Affordable Housing for Texas Nonprofit Organization

Midland Visions – DeSoto, TX

Clearinghouse CCDFI (CCDFI) provided $1,325,000 in financing to Midland Visions 2000 (Midland Visions) for preservation of affordable housing in DeSoto, Texas.

Midland Visions is a nonprofit organization working to provide affordable housing to residents in low-income areas. Financing provided by CCDFI will allow Midland Visions to preserve their existing affordable housing properties while also providing the means for development of additional affordable housing in Texas. The subject properties are 8 duplexes constructed between 1984-2000. A typical unit includes 2-3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, two-car garage, parking, fenced patios, and landscaping.

Cary Love and his spouse, Arlene, founded Midland Visions in 1994. They started out by running affordable housing apartments. In 2015, they expanded their mission into offering affordable multi-family homes. They currently have 38 affordable housing properties across Texas. These housing options provide living space for low-income residents including minorities, women, elderly, and the handicapped.

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Midland Visions 2000 continues to have a positive impact on providing a quality place to live for families. The properties in this community continue to serve a wide variety of families that face life's challenges on a monthly basis. We look forward to having a positive impact on these families, future families, and the community.
- Cary Love, Founder, Midland Visions 2000
Financing Provided:
$1.3 Million
DeSoto, TX
Preserves and develops affordable housing for multiple families in low-income area
Financing for preservation of affordable housing
Means for development of additional affordable housing
Year Funded:
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