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    $9.17 Million in Financing for the Rehabilitation of an Assisted Living Facility Serving Seniors and Veterans

Red Rock Assisted Living

Red Rock Las Vegas Senior Living Acquisitions, LP is a 51-unit assisted living facility and an 11-unit behavioral health hospital. A community-based residential care facility, Red Rock is central to the needs of senior residents and veterans suffering from disabilities, PTSD, and substance abuse.

Clearinghouse CDFI provided $9.17 million in long-term financing to support necessary improvements to the Red Rock facility. Renovations will create additional beds for assisted-living residents, and allow Red Rock to continue providing quality health services, housekeeping, and meal preparation for elderly and disabled residents.

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Financing Provided:
$9.17 Million
Las Vegas, NV
Long-term financing to support renovations for an assisted living facility and behavioral health hospital
To continue providing essential housing and health services for disabled seniors and veterans
Year Funded:
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