Trail and Hitch Lodging – Meeker, CO

Clearinghouse CDFI (CCDFI) provided a $450,000 loan to Trail and Hitch Lodging in Meeker, CO. The loan offers reimbursement of development costs used to enhance the site. Financing also aids in launching additional Opportunity Zone projects. 

The Tiny Home Movement is an architectural and social movement promotion the reduction and simplification of living spaces. These unique accommodations provided by Trail and Hitch Lodging promote financial prudence, economic security, and shared and communal experiences to the surrounding community. Financing provided by CCDFI facilitates upgrades and the addition of 8 tiny homes. Positioned near the Flat Top Wilderness Area and White River National Forest, Trail and Hitch aims to attract adventurers and seasonal visitors, boosting the local economy and promoting sustainable tourism. 

Trail and Hitch represents an innovative venture by Four Points Funding, focusing on revitalizing rural areas through sustainable development. This project supports the community by providing rental accommodations for hunters, contract workers, and vacationers, reinforcing the economic and social fabric of Meeker, CO. 

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Financing Provided:
Meeker, CO
Rehab of campground/trailer park adding 8 tiny houses to promote sustainable tourism and stimulate the local economy
Provides reimbursement to developers for half of project costs to facilitate upgrades and add additional units
Year Funded:
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