Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes Susan Montoya, Internship Director

Clearinghouse CDFI Welcomes New Staff

CCDFI Welcomes New Internship Director, Susan Montoya

Susan is a highly skilled bank executive with a diverse background spanning over 30 years in banking and financial services. She has demonstrated experience and results in Community Development and Nonprofit Management. Susan is a tenacious problem solver who assumes ownership of issues to ensure complete and timely resolution. Susan is widely recognized as a strong business partner, supporter, and advocate for low-income individuals and communities.

As Clearinghouse CDFI’s Internship Director, Susan develops and maintains a national internship program aimed at training low- and moderate-income high school and college students in banking, finance, and CDFI skills. She also serves as Chairperson of the Outreach Committee—using prior CRA knowledge to educate potential investors on the value of working with CDFI’s and ultimately grow equity investment in Clearinghouse CDFI. Her experience and deep understanding of socio-economic issues faced by low-income communities is foundational to her role providing training and leadership development and strategic recommendations to enhance the company’s social responsibility efforts.

Reach out to Susan directly: or call (480) 670-3529.

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Download the PDF: Welcome Susan Montoya, CCDFI Internship Director